emoji heart meaning

The use of heart emojis has exploded in the past decade. They’ve become a vital component of our online interactions, adding a splash of color and emotional depth to our messages. But have you ever stopped to wonder what these colorful heart emojis represent? In this informative guide, we will break down the specific meanings for each heart emoji in your emoji keyboard and the psychologically associated feelings for every heart emoji color.

What does the Red Heart Emoji mean? The classic heart on everyone’s emoji keyboard is the red heart emoji. Traditionally, a red heart symbolizes love and passion. More than just a popular heart emoji on Twitter, it is the quintessential symbol for expressing love. However, much like the red heart in real life, sending a red heart to someone you don’t know well can send a message of intense emotion.

Interpreting the Blue Heart Emoji

The blue heart emoji signifies trust and stability. In the emoji language, a blue heart is used to symbolize deep and stable love. This could be used between friends, family, or romantic partners who wish to convey a sense of loyalty and unchanging sentiment. It’s a more neutral heart, not as intense as a red heart, yet still conveying warmth and affection.

The Meaning Behind the Purple Heart Emoji

emoji heart meaning


The purple heart emoji is linked to sensitivity, understanding, and compassion. It’s popular among friends expressing mutual comfort. It’s important to note that the purple heart is also used among military veterans due to its association with the Purple Heart military decoration.

Breaking Down the Green Heart Emoji

The green heart emoji could have several meanings. Often, it’s used to convey feelings of growth, harmony, and health. And let’s not forget the green heart symbolizes envy in the popular “green with envy” phrase. The green heart is a newer addition to the emoji keyboard, showing the continuous evolution of expressiveness.

Significance of the Yellow Heart Emoji

Cheerful and warm, the yellow heart emoji signifies happiness and friendship. It’s the closest color to gold and therefore could also represent wealth and fortune. This heart emoji is used to communicate positivity, optimism, and encouragement.

Behold the Orange Heart Emoji

The orange heart emoji is a combination of yellow’s friendship and red’s love. Much like the warm, cozy feelings of autumn, the orange heart is a newer addition to the emoji keyboard demonstrating both platonic and mild affectionate emotions.

Delve into the Black Heart Emoji

The black heart emoji not only symbolizes the darker spectrum of emotions like grief, sorrow, and fear but also resonates with people’s darker humor and Goth aesthetics. It’s not the least used heart emoji, it has a specific meaning and is often used to express darker, unconventional emotions.

Decoding the Pink Heart Emoji

The pink heart emoji is a symbol of nurturing love and affection. This heart decoration as specific as a sparkling pink heart growing in size is used to communicate innocent love, sweetness, and feminine care. It’s perfect as a cute gesture of love in your messages.

Understanding the Broken Heart Emoji

The broken heart emoji is universally used to represent sadness, mourning, heartbreak, or disappointment. While it might not be the most pleasant message to send or receive, it’s an important part of the emoji set, allowing us to express our emotions accurately.

Recognizing the Brown Heart Emoji

The brown heart emoji, despite being less popular, represents warmth, comfort, and simplicity. It could be used when you’re talking about something mundane or referring to Mother Earth and nature-related topics.

Revealing the White Heart Emoji

The white heart emoji signifies purity, peace, and trustworthiness. This heart emoji is also used to depict innocence, humility, and positivity. Its neutral and minimalistic color makes it flexible for various contexts.

Moving beyond the basic colors, there are other heart emojis that get the spotlight:

The Light Blue Heart: Let’s Discuss its Subtleties

The light blue heart brings serenity, calm, and spirituality into the conversation. It could represent peaceful emotions or stand for baby boys in a gender reveal celebration.

Dancing with the Sparkle Heart

The sparkling heart suggests excitement, joy, and a vibrant, playful sense of love. If you’re gushing over something or someone and wish to share your joy, this is the heart to use.

Feeling Alive with the Heart on Fire

The heart on fire emoji is the embodiment of passion. Depending on the context, it could represent a love glowing intensely, a heated relationship, or grace under pressure.

Beating Heart Emoji and its Many Meanings

The beating heart signifies a love that is thriving. It’s like the red heart, but with a more vivid presence. The beating heart is great if you want to show that your emotions are strong and alive, or if you just want to show that you’re really excited about something or someone.

The Symbolism of Green Heart Emoji

The green heart symbolizes renewal and growth. It’s a symbol of new beginnings and can be used when you’re moving on from past hurt or looking forward to a fresh start.

Unique Meanings of the Orange Heart Emoji

The orange heart denotes feelings of comfort and warmth, as well as the delight of having a close bond with the person it is being shared with. It can also imply a sense of fascination or intrigue.

Revealing the Beating Heart

The beating heart emoji signifies just that – a heart that is beating. This heart could signify overwhelming sentiment, excitement, or even a passion for life. It’s a heart reserved for feelings that are deep and pulsating, like a heartbeat.

Delving into the Meaning of the Growing Heart

The growing heart emoji represents a swelling emotion, a heart growing in feelings for someone or something, hence the pink heart growing in size in the image. This emoji is pretty appropriate to accompany any message which makes your heart swell.

Exploring the Anatomical Heart Emoji

The anatomical heart emoji presents love in its most raw form, capturing the physical and passionate aspects of love by mirroring the actual human heart’s appearance.

Unveiling the Meaning Behind the Mending Heart

The mending heart emoji depicts a heart with a bandage, indicating healing from a past romantic failure or heartbreak. It’s a beautiful symbol of resilience and recovery that we all can use in our messages, especially when we’re on the journey of emotional healing.

Wrapping Up the Heart Emoji Saga

Indeed, heart emojis are extremely versatile in letting us express our deepest emotions in the simplest of ways. The different heart emojis mean various things. So, here’s a quick rundown of what’s been discussed:

  • Red Heart: Love and passion.
  • Blue Heart: Trust and stability.
  • Purple Heart: Sensitivity, understanding, compassion, and military valor.
  • Green Heart: Growth, envy, health, and renewal.
  • Yellow Heart: Happiness, friendship, and positivity.
  • Orange Heart: Mixture of friendship and love, warmth, and comfort.
  • Black Heart: Darker feelings, sorrow, or Goth tastes.
  • Pink Heart: Nurturing love, sweetness, and feminine care.
  • Broken Heart: Sadness, mourning, and disappointment.
  • Brown Heart: Warmth, comfort, and simplicity.
  • White Heart: Purity, peace, and trustworthiness.
  • Light Blue Heart: Calm, serenity, and spirituality.
  • Sparkle Heart: Excitement, joy, and vibrant love.
  • Heart on Fire: Intense passion.
  • Beating Heart: Thriving love, deep emotions, and excitement.
  • Growing Heart: Deepening affection.
  • Anatomical Heart: Raw and passionate love.
  • Mending Heart: Resilience, recovery, and emotional healing.

The world of heart emojis is both rich and diverse, so explore this palette of emotions and find new avenues for expression. Each heart emoji tells a story out of a rich tapestry of human emotions. Understanding these heart emojis can add a whole new level of depth to your digital communications. By presenting the right heart at the right time, you can convey a wide range of emotions to your friends, loved ones, and even to the new people in your life. Emojis offer an expressive shortcut in our fast-paced, digital world. So, why not use them to their full potential?

Heart emojis are a fun, simple way of elevating your text messages, making them more personal and emotionally engaging. Each emoji carries a load of emotion, making them much more than just simple, cutesy pictures. Now armed with the knowledge of what different heart emojis mean, it’s time for you to go out and sprinkle some color and emotion into your digital conversations.

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Design Unique Heart Emoji Stickers

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Start an Etsy Shop

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Price Your Stickers Appropriately

Your pricing strategy should consider the cost incurred in creating the stickers, Etsy’s listing fee, your time and effort, and the pricing norms in your niche. While it’s tempting to set a low price to attract buyers initially, remember that you’re offering a unique, creative product and your price should reflect its value.

Promote Your Emoji Heart Stickers

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Q: What do different heart emojis mean?

A: Different heart emojis represent various emotions and sentiments. For example, the classic red heart is the most popular and typically signifies love and affection. The heart with arrow emoji symbolizes falling in love, while the heart with ribbon emoji is often associated with a gift or celebration. Additionally, the heart with bow emoji also signifies a gift or present. There are many more heart emojis available, each with its own unique meaning.

Q: How can I use the heart exclamation emoji?

A: The heart exclamation emoji is a way to express excitement or appreciation. It can be used to show enthusiasm or to convey that something is amazing or excellent. For example, if you see a stunning photo, you can use the heart exclamation emoji to indicate your admiration.

Q: What do the two hearts emoji symbolize?

A: The two hearts emoji typically represents the love between two individuals. It can be used to express romantic love, deep friendship, or a close connection with someone. It is a popular emoji to use when expressing affection for a loved one.

Q: How can I use the heart with the arrow emoji?

A: The heart with arrow emoji is commonly used to represent the feeling of falling in love. It can be used to express the excitement and joy that comes with developing romantic feelings for someone. It is often used in contexts related to love, romance, and relationships.

Q: What does the heart emoji with ribbon mean?

A: The heart with ribbon emoji is often associated with gifts and celebrations. It can be used to express congratulations, or appreciation, or to signify that something special is happening. It is a versatile emoji that can convey a sense of joy and festivity.

Q: Which is the most popular heart emoji?

A: The classic red heart emoji is the most popular and widely used heart emoji. It is often used to express love, affection, and deep emotions. The red heart emoji has become a universal symbol of love and is recognized by people around the world.

Q: What does the heart with bow emoji represent?

A: The heart with bow emoji is typically used to convey a sense of gift-giving or receiving. It can be used to express excitement or happiness about receiving a present or to indicate that something special is being given. It is a versatile emoji that can be used in various contexts related to gifts and celebrations.

Q: How does the emoji keyboard feature different heart emojis?

A: The emoji keyboard features a variety of heart emojis that you can choose from. These include the classic red heart, heart with arrow, heart with ribbon, heart with bow, and many others. The emoji keyboard allows you to easily select and use different heart emojis to enhance your communication and express your emotions.

Q: Can I use the heart emoji to signify friendship?

A: While the heart emoji is often associated with romantic love, it can also be used to represent deep friendship and affection. Many people use the heart emoji to express their love and appreciation for their friends. It can convey a sense of closeness and connection.

Q: How can I use the heart decoration emoji?

A: The heart decoration emoji is often used to add a touch of love or romance to a message or post. It can be used to enhance the expression of affection, joy, or excitement. For example, if you are sharing a romantic moment or expressing your love for someone, you can include a heart decoration emoji to emphasize the sentiment.

In Conclusion

Heart emojis have become indispensable in our daily communication, adding a kaleidoscope of emotions to our digital interactions. They are more than just simple images; they are a language of emotions that transcend borders, offering us the ability to express ourselves in a vibrant, unique, and personal way. Knowing the meanings behind each heart emoji allows us to use them appropriately and creatively. Whether you’re aiming for a surprise from the use of a fuchsia heart, trying to express a complex emotion with an anatomical heart, or sharing feelings of recovery with a mending heart, there’s an emoji to help you express it.

Embrace the most popular heart emojis available today, from the classic red heart to the sophisticated white heart. In the hands of an informed user, these emojis become an expressive tool allowing to communicate an array of feelings and thoughts. Use this guide as a helpful roadmap to navigate the heart emoji highways where each color represents a new emotional layer to discover.

Celebrate love, friendship, compassion, sorrow, healing, and everything in between with heart emojis. As appropriate today as tomorrow, these emoji expressions add a sprinkle of emotion to every message, lighting up digital conversations with colors of the heart. Find the perfect heart emoji for your messages and be a part of the digitally expressive world.